There’s a severe thunderstorm warning beeping from my phone as I type this, Carter is snoring as he naps with one leg up in the air and I’m wondering how I can go about winning the lottery because I’m on my third day of a four day weekend and I have to say – I’m totally digging it. If you’re reading this on the website you’ll see that I changed the look up.


Seems like I just like to move things around and I’m convinced that I’ll never stop re-designing my website. I’m good with it. It’s nice to have a new view, don’t you think? The site is not complete but the bulk of it is there and I’m working on it at my own pace. Seems to be my motto lately – everything at my own pace. To that end I have a bunch of stuff to tell you that doesn’t really warrant individual posts so I’m smooshing them all together into one.

1 – It’s Peony season. I adore them. I want to cover the whole world in them. These are from my garden.


2 – I did a Facebook Live event for my new book – The Hand Stitched Surface. If you missed it, you can see the recording on my Facebook page.

3 – I started a new painting this weekend. At the moment it looks like a a mess but that’s the way it works. For me at least. I build a whole bunch of stuff up for the base, pretty much anything I feel like doing and then I punch it into something more well behaved. Or at least more pleasing to look at. But I think it’s interesting to see how something develops so I’m posting it.


4 – I’ve started keeping carnivorous plants. Which I think the name is misleading because I’m not feeding these things hamburger or obnoxious humans. They eat bugs which kind of automatically endears them to me. And I find them oddly beautiful – like little sculptures. Just don’t look inside them. It’s not pretty. These are sarracenia – American Pitcher plants and from what I understand their favorite treat is wasps. These guys enjoy living outside in the full on baking sun so at least if they get gross from their snacks I won’t have to live with it inside. (I’m such a sweet plant mom, aren’t I?)


5 – This is the absolute truth (found this on facebook):


That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I have some news to share over the next few days and I’m working steadily on some new projects. In the meantime, tell me what you’re making.