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hand stitched diary 5

hand stitched diary

One of the books that I made during the class I took with Dorothy Caldwell is for a new personal project. A point that really drove home for me during that week with her is that my love of hand stitching has been taking a back seat to my paint {…Continue Reading}

LynnK Nancy crow barn spring 2016 8

how art brain got her groove back

A few weeks ago I went to the Nancy Crow Barn to take a class with Dorothy Caldwell called “Human Marks.” I really didn’t know what to expect from the class. All I knew was that I have always wanted to go the Barn (I’ve heard endless good things about {…Continue Reading}

8 - begonia leaf 3 Lynn K

going raw…

I’m just going to say it – I’m not a fan of silk. It’s too swishy for me and drives me nuts the way it slinks around when I try to stitch on it. I’ve avoided it for years until I was at a textile show and became completely enamored {…Continue Reading}

Lynn K pile of threads

allow me to enable your thread habit

I’m a hand stitching thread junkie. I like floss, perle cotton, mixes of fibers (especially silk and cotton), hand dyed, commercially dyed, vintage – if I can stitch with it, it’s likely I can find a use for it. I’ve got piles of threads everywhere and I’ve realized that it’s {…Continue Reading}

Lynn K 2015 print table fabric 1

the annual changing of the print table fabric

It’s that time of year again – time to change the fabric covering on my print table. I use Roc-Lon Multipurpose cloth on my print table. It’s essentially drapery lining but there are several things I like about it as a print table covering. It’s heavy duty – which means {…Continue Reading}

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