Well. Life got a little full there for a while. I’ve finished my scheduled chemo treatments and will find out the first week in october if I’m in remission. But it’s knocked me back so I’ve been concentrating on just being. Resting and watching lots of bad TV (Storage Wars, anyone?). Leaves not much to talk about on the blog but now that I’m feeling a little more fiesty, it’s time to get back to it. So here’s some random:

(1) I am proud to have an article in the current Cloth Paper Scissors issue on “Hand Stitched Diaries”. Carter is thrilled. Do pick up a copy, it’s chock full of some wonderful mixed media art that is sure to inspire!


(2) In case you were wondering, yes, I did draw two winners for the book/thread giveaway in the last post. Both winners requested that I don’t publish their names, which I understand since the internet does tend to give away a lot of information, so I’ve respected that request. But they are in possession of their books and threads and I imagine there is mixed media frenzy flying about their homes as we speak.

(3) I’m over summer. I’m ready for snow. Seriously. I live in Michigan and it feels more like I live near a swamp in the south. Hot and beyond humid. Bring on the cold and pumpkin spice everything. It’s time.

(4) I’ve been thinking a lot about my studio and my inability over the years to make it the mecca of my dreams. Once I’m over my latest chemo funk, I’m going to make it my project to help regain my stamina. But this is such a battle, never seems to get finished. As soon as I rearrange and clean and get it looking good I start thinking about how it would be better if I did this or that. It’s a like a vortex devoid of any kind of reason.

That’s all I have right now. Everything is just sort of slow and resting and waiting for my body to catch up to my brain. It’ll get there. 🙂