creativity cornerstone #1 and monoprinting

Jane Dunnewold and her daughter Zenna Duke have created a series of free videos talking about creativity. I love these kinds of things because it’s always so interesting to hear how other artists view their process and creativity in general. And the videos they made are like sitting at the kitchen table with them having a chat, very causal and down to earth. There are four videos and in each one, they do a small activity. I decided to play along with those.

(By the way, Jane has a YouTube channel where all these videos live along with some wonderful tutorials. A happy thing to subscribe to.)

The first video is about creativity and you can watch it below.

One of the things I think I like the best about being a creative is the never ending curiosity and learning. It has always felt like it’s at the core of making, without it how would we keep moving forward in the art we love to make?

I cleared a spot in my studio, grabbed my Gelli Arts round printing plate, some paint, a few objects to make marks and paper. I admit that I didn’t set a timer. But what I did do was limit the number of paint colors and only eight pieces of paper to print on. I liked that challenge and this is what I ended up with.

No clue what I’ll do with them. They could be collages, made into a book, stitched together to make a big abstract painting (I’m kind of liking that last one). I’m a big fan of Part Making Sessions. That’s what I call those times when you just want to make stuff but you don’t have a project in mind for them.

I use these times to create a surplus of materials to choose from and I adore it. Because when I’m ready to get moving on something bigger, it’s like having a curated art supply store in your personal style waiting and ready for you.

I’ll post about the next video on Thursday.

And if you want an extended version of this experience, consider signing up for Jane’s Creative Strength Training. It began on March 1 but you can still get in on it. The course runs ten months (yes, ten MONTHS) and I am taking it for the first time this year. I’m so looking forward to growing as an artist there.


4 thoughts on “creativity cornerstone #1 and monoprinting

  1. Jane says:

    I LOVE seeing what you did with these, Lynn. Limiting the color palette was a brilliant move. And not thinking beyond being “in the moment” is such a gift to yourself. Thanks for writing about your experience so that we can all enjoy seeing what you did and maybe even what you do next!

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