creativity cornerstone #2 and knowing yourself better

The second video in Jane and Zenna’s series about the Cornerstones of Creativity talks about Clarity. (If you want to see what I did for the exercise in Video 1, you can see my post here.)

*All of Jane’s videos – the Creative Cornerstone video series as well as tutorials can be found on her YouTube channel.*

I like the topic of clarity. It’s important to understand what we like because it’s a direct reflection of who we are. One of the things that I think is not stressed enough is knowing why you don’t like something. It’s a practice that can help you as an artist but also to really understand how you think. Jane talks about this a bit in the video below. Have a listen.

I loved the idea of writing down things that come to mind when you think of the word Joy. Again, I didn’t time it. (Sorry, Jane.) Here are the constraints I put on the challenge for me: I used a steno notebook sized piece of paper and could take as long as I wanted to write but I had to fill up the entire thing. Just cover the whole thing with anything I associate with joy – people, things, food. Doesn’t matter what. Here’s my page.

(My handwriting is looking more and more like my father’s the older I get.)

I’m going to take this page and glue it into my giant sketchbook that I’m using for Susan Shie’s drawing class. Then I think I’ll doodle around it. It’s one of those things you look at and you just get a nice little smile and warm fuzzy feeling. There’s so much in our lives that revolve around joy. It’s nice to be reminded of that.

I’ll post about the third video on Sunday.

And if you want an extended version of this experience, consider signing up for Jane’s Creative Strength Training. It began on March 1 but you can still get in on it. The course runs ten months (yes, ten MONTHS) and I am taking it for the first time this year. I’m so looking forward to growing as an artist there.


One thought on “creativity cornerstone #2 and knowing yourself better

  1. Beth schnellenberger says:

    Jane is such a wonderful teacher. I did an Independent Study Workshop with her (for 2 years). Her Creative Strength Training book is based on our workshop (along with other stuff I’m sure). Do you have the book? If so, you can find a couple of my pieces in it. I think they are in the section on Alignment. That workshop is really what got me started on the path to actually working on my own art (AND on actually being able to say, “I am an artist.”) You will continue to LOVE the class and find out new things about yourself. I keep trying to find time to take Susan’s class. I even have all the supplies purchased but haven’t found the consecutive days as of now. It sounds like you are really getting lots done. Keep on keeping on. (My husband is having his last chemo treatment this week! Woooohoooo!)

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