creativity cornerstone #3 and finding your tribe

The third video in Jane and Zenna’s series about the Cornerstones of Creativity talks about Community. (If you want to see what I did for the exercise in Video 1, you can see my post here. My post about video 2 is here.)

*All of Jane’s videos – the Creative Cornerstone video series as well as tutorials can be found on her YouTube channel.*

COMMUNITY is my word for 2019. I want to cultivate it, to participate in it, to treasure it. Even though I’m an introvert, I can’t resist the draw of being around other artists. It’s like a bug zapper, I must go to it!  Jane and Zenna talk about the necessity of knowing your tribe in this video.

I got kind of silly when writing my personal ad. Decided to turn it into more of something you’d find on a dating site and I goofed around making it into a graphic. Here it is.

Artists are by far my favorite people in the world. They are so willing to know themselves and open their hearts up. I love that. It’s a tribe that I’m so happy to be part of.

I’ll post about the fourth video on Wednesday.

And if you want an extended version of this experience, consider signing up for Jane’s Creative Strength Training. It began on March 1 but you can still get in on it. The course runs ten months (yes, ten MONTHS) and I am taking it for the first time this year. I’m so looking forward to growing as an artist there.


2 thoughts on “creativity cornerstone #3 and finding your tribe

  1. jo says:

    Great post. I love your art date personal ad! Except the decaf coffee part. lol Caffine after lunch turns me into a energizer bunny till late at night (aka past 3 am) and then a crashed bunny. lol Looking forward to read how your journey goes.

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