I’m accumulating quite the collection of small collages. I’ve been thinking on them a lot lately and how I’d like to translate them into art quilts. It finally clicked to try having them  printed at Spoonflower. My dilemma, of course, is that the collages I make from paper and drawings are quite small. 

I decided to try anyway. I scanned them at 600dpi and increased their size in photoshop. Uploaded them to Spoonflower, messed with the size of each one and crossed my fingers. I got the printed fabric yesterday and to say that I am thrilled is an understatement. I am SO pleased with how they printed up and I have some ideas of what I want to do with them. (You know, once my energy comes back.)

Here are the results.

This is the original collage measuring 4″x6″:


And here it is printed on fabric, measuring 23.7″ wide x 36″ high:

The original collage about venus fly traps measures 5″ high x 11.5″ wide:


Here it is printed on fabric measuring 21″ high x 48.5″ wide:

And lastly, the original collage measures 5″ high x 11.5″ wide:

And the fabric printed version measures 33″ high x 80″ wide (I may have gotten carried away on the sizing for this one):

The colors on the fabric came out very saturated and that makes Art Brain really happy. I had them printed on Kona cotton so I know they can stand up so some surface design work like monoprinting and screen printing. Which, once I dig my studio out, I will gleefully attack them with. 

This gives me so many more ideas I can hardly stand it. It allows me to really merge my love of collage and art quilts like I never imagined. And I’m going to take these in a totally different direction from other textile art I’ve done. Lots of hand stitching and I may even attempt to tackle the sewing machine (but don’t hold me to that.)

Onward! 🙂