getting to know art brain again with Creative Strength Training

2019 Goal #1

Put things away. Don’t let clutter build up. Tidy as you go so you don’t have to dig yourself out of a mountain of chaos. (Fingers crossed, right?)

2019 Goal #2

Participate in life outside of my studio. (I’m an introvert. I love a good hibernation.) Get thy butt out of the house.

2019 Goal #3

Take the time to get to know myself again. Nurture Art Brain. Allow creativity to be the center of my lifestyle. Make tons of art.

Is there really a difference between a New Year’s Resolution and a goal? I’m not sure it really matters but I think there is. Goals feel less restrictive, more like a marathon. Where with resolutions it feels like police will show up the second I break it. This year is going to be a no drama llama year. 

So I set goals. Goal #1 + #2 up above are really all up to me. Unfortunately I have yet to find cleaning fairies (and if you have them, mail them to me) and because of my cancer last year I spent a LOT of time in the house. It was a necessity but this year I am going to make an effort to squash my introvert and venture out more. 

Goal #3 is a little scary to me. Mostly because I feel very changed from my cancer experience last year. I feel as if I have to get to know myself again. And that includes Art Brain. She has been well neglected and I have massive guilt about it. I want her to thrive and at the moment she is just hanging about kind of waiting her turn.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can jumpstart my creative process again. I’m pretty independent but this time? This time I feel quite raw and like I need some support.

Jane Dunnewold is someone I respect immensely and feel a connection to so I’m turning to her to help guide me on Goal #3. She developed a program called Creative Strength Training just for this purpose – to dig deep and to concentrate on your creative core. Count. Me. In.

Wanna join me? The online class begins on March 1 so there’s plenty of time before it starts, don’t have to feel overwhelmed with tons of things starting at day one of this year. I’m excited to interact with my tribe (which includes you) and I’d love to see you over there. If you’re still not sure if it’s for you, watch the video below. See you there! 🙂

6 thoughts on “getting to know art brain again with Creative Strength Training

  1. Sharon Gordon says:

    I too have joined this year’s Jane Dunnewold’s Creative Strength Training. I had to take a 10 year break from creating to take care of two elderly mothers, one with Alzheimer’s. I have been working for about two years to bring my art back and basically just emerged last year. A lot has changed in my life since my previous work and the extensive time out really put me back to the beginning. I have searched and struggled for where I want to be, want I want to do. The work I have produced is good work, but does not satisfy my desire for more depth and creativity…looking for more complexity in my work. I have had great training in many fiber art areas, but I am having a hard time bringing it all together. I also have a huge respect for Jane and her work…it speaks to me…it is what I see in my Art Brain, but have trouble crossing some invisible barrier to get there. When I was looking at Jane’s program, a friend who had taken the course recommended to me to take the course…she did not know I was thinking about it…that was my confirmation. Glad to hear you will be one of the group.

    I also had in the last ten years, two near death experiences that gave me a whole new look at being alive. Life will sit you down and teach you lessons you wished you could have learned another way…none the less, I am thankful I did learn them and still here to obtain my life dreams. I am a deeper person…I see clearer…I desire to live bigger…I want to be everything I can be and share it with the world.

    Just wanted to share with you…thanks for listening. Hoping for both of us a great and new year of creativity!

  2. Jane Dunnewold says:

    I think of the plans we have in our heads at the beginning of a new phase (or year) as the outline for our goals. What we need next are the actual STRATEGIES that will bring those plans to fruition! And that’s what we work on in CST. I am so honored that you will be joining us, Lynn – and I know Miss Art Brain will flourish in our supportive community of like-minded creative beings!

  3. Anne Muñoz says:

    I know about art brain being neglected! This past year has been a year of neglect out of necessity. Taking care of my mother-in-law until she passed away and then deciding to move closer to our daughters. Which entails lost of packing, getting rid of stuff accumulated over 30 years, and finding a house in Arizona. House found but now the MOVE. Maybe by late spring I can reawaken art brain. The good thing is I have a huge space to work and will be living on 3 acres of desert landscape. Yay! Lynn, I’m sure your art brain has just been day dreaming for you and the transition back to creativity will be glorious.

  4. Robbie Payne says:

    Look forward to seeing all you’ll accomplish in 2019! I just know you’re a strong woman and if you need someone to “kick you in the butt” just ask your readers! We’ll each take a turn!

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