hand stitching monday – “leafstalk” stitching pattern – free!

Hand Stitching Monday is a weekly blog post series exploring the world of hand stitching. It covers everything from stitch instruction, sharing works-in-progress, interviews with other stitchers, free stitching patterns, product/book reviews and more!


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nouna slender plant part that supports a leaf

An original free hand stitching pattern by Lynn Krawczyk of Smudged Design Studio

I’ve been wanting to release some easy cute simple fun hand stitching patterns for some time but in normal Lynn fashion, I kept making it waaaaaaayyyyy harder than it needs to be. Add to it that I decided to release this one as a free pattern AFTER I had most of it stitched and I just kept putting things off. 


I’m a firm believer that setting art loose in the world, even with some flaws, is better than not doing it at all. So here we go, we’re doing it!

Future free patterns will be more complete – meaning I’ll have photos for every single stitch step so you can see the progression from start to finish. I’m also working on a little video to show how to transfer patterns to fabric. There are great options out there and I’ll do a quick run down of the ones I’ve used and loved.

Here’s what this post provides:

  • A PDF to download that has the basic outline I used to stitch Leafstalk.
  • Stitch diagram with the order that each section of the design was stitched in.
  • A Pantone color palette created based on the colors I used to stitch (because color rules!)
  • Stitch progression photos with a brief explanation of what in the heck I’m doing at that stage of stitching

I don’t give you stitch instructions for these. These are meant to be casual and simple. This is totally just play time. Me and you hanging out and the thread and needle flying all over. They will all use basic stitches. And if I ever do one with a fancy pants stitch? I’ll make sure I show you how to do it. Deal?

If you look toward the top of the post there is a green button that says “Print Friendly”. Give it a click and it will make you a PDF of this post so you can keep it for your very own. (This is the first time I’m using this plugin so if it’s not working for you, please let me know so I can look for an alternative.)

And let’s just get some housekeeping out of the way – how can you use this pattern? You can use it for yourself, for gifts and on things you will sell. But you may not use it on any licensed mass produced products. If you have any questions regarding it’s use, just drop me a line and I’m happy to chat with you about it. 🙂

Right now I don’t have a schedule for how often I will release free patterns but I’m aiming for once a month. Art brain suggested that – let’s see if she can keep to it.

Here are the details for Leafstalk:


Give a click on the image above to download the PDF for Leafstalk.

[box]Threads used:

  • stranded floss
  • perle cotton size 8
  • brand: stash threads (aka I’ve had this forever and lost the tag and I’m not sure what it is)[/box]

[box]Needle used: size 5 embroidery needle[/box]
[box]Fabric used: 6″x6″ felt[/box]
[box]Transfer method used: drawn free hand on felt with marker[/box]


A closer look at my color choices:


Here are the stitches I used and the order I stitched them in:


Stitch progression photos:

(As I said earlier in the post, I decided to do this as a free pattern after I was really into stitching it. So stitches 1-4 do not have progression photos. This will not be the case for future releases. Future patterns will have progression photos for every step. But you guys are smart! I know you can do the first part just fine! 🙂 )

Stitch 5 progression. I did fern stitch down the center of each leaf and then came back and did a small straight stitch between the angled stitches from the fern stitch.





Stitch 6 progression. I added chain stitch to the top of the leaves only. I wanted a thicker outline to add some weight. I also extended the top edge of the leave by going one chain past the edge, giving the leaf a pointy end.





Stitch 7 progression. To make the leaves feel more grounded, I added satin stitch between the fern stitch on the bottom portion of the leaves only. By picking a darker color it makes the leaves stand out more.





And that’s the final stitch! You did it! Hooray! 🙂

If you decide to stitch Leafstalk, please send me a photo – I’d love to see it! I’d like to do a roundup post of different versions so get stitching and I hope you enjoy!


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Hand Sewing Magic is a reference guide with over 30 stitch instructions and variations + projects. The Hand Stitched Surface explores stitching on both fabric and paper.

12 thoughts on “hand stitching monday – “leafstalk” stitching pattern – free!

  1. Beth says:

    Wow! Your description of what you have done is REALLY good. Your photos are also really nice—clear and great color. You do such a good job showing and “talking” about what you have done and make it easy to follow your directions. (I was a high school teacher for 28 years, so I KNOW an organized way of presenting material when I see it!) It is nice of you to share these cute little patterns for free. 😘

  2. Vicki Keller says:

    Beautiful earthy colors & lovely stitch work ! Well done ! Thank you, thank you for the pattern & instructions. Looking forward to the design transfer methods. All the best……

  3. Barbara Hoepp says:

    I couldn’t believe you did the satin after the fern stitch. I have so much to learn. Thank you 🙏🏼

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