hand stitching monday – quilt binder holder hack + giveaway!

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A few years back these nifty little spring loaded clamps came out. They are marketed as clips to hold binding on while quilters sew it down. A couple benefits is that they don’t distort the fabric the way pins do and you’re not constantly stabbing the heck out of yourself.


I’ve come to use them for a bunch of different things – holding glued collage elements in place while they dry, as “paperclips” for large stacks of paper and of course for when I’m hand stitching.

I do a lot of textile collages and the stitch meditations I’ve been doing are small, 4″x4″. Aside from my talent of poking myself with pins when I try to use them, these small pieces turn nutty when you try to use pins on them. Distortion city. The binder clips are a great option.

Below you can see how I used them when I started working on a new meditation. I only clipped along one end since it’s so small I can hold the other edge with my hand as I work.

Once I had some stitching done in the middle of the piece, I removed the clips and finished the rest of the piece.

Just a little hack that I’ve found makes a huge difference in my stitching – both in how it looks and how much I enjoy doing it. I pick mine up from Amazon, these are the ones I have.

What about you? Do you have a favorite tip or hack for your hand stitching?

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7 thoughts on “hand stitching monday – quilt binder holder hack + giveaway!

  1. Ellen Robinson says:

    So many uses for those cute clips. In a pinch, they make a great chip bag clip. That seems to happen at each retreat.

    Clipping together multiple parts for the project to keep them from getting lost.

    Good post, by the way.

  2. Anne marie desaulniers says:

    I do use these clips, (especially for paper), but I also use the tiny applique pins for holding down my Stitch Meditations. One on each corner, and I remove as soon as I reach them. They’re small enough that there’s really no danger of sticking myself. I believe mine are Clover, and have white heads.

  3. Jeannie says:

    I hadn’t thought about using them for stitching! Thanks also for the link. I’ve stayed away from the ones sold in quilt shops because they were so expensive. These are affordable and they come in a cute tin – win-win! I use a screw/nail gauge to keep threads organized while working on a project . They are small and handy. I came across mine when going through my Dad’s shop (he had 4 – now I know where I get my hoarding), but I’ve also seen them for a few cents at garage sales.


  4. April Kleindl says:

    Thank you for this tip! I am forever sticking myself with pins while hand sewing. I just began meditations and am enjoying the freedom and small time allotted. Works well as my body and brain heal from a car accident. Can some one please tell me where I can find these clips. Thank you, April.

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