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Hand Stitching Monday is a weekly blog post series exploring the world of hand stitching. It covers everything from stitch instruction, sharing works-in-progress, interviews with other stitchers, free stitching patterns, product/book reviews and more!

It’s no secret that I love hand stitching. And I love the wide interpretation of it. Everyone approaches it differently and you can see the stitcher’s personality in it immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are into formal embroidery or you wing it allowing your stitching freak flag fly – I want to honor it.


I’m sooooooooooooooo excited to start this blog series! Every Monday I’ll post something about hand stitching. To kick off the series, let’s talk about Stitch Meditations – the brain child of Liz Kettle. Here she is talking about them.


Liz is one of the pro contributors in my book, Hand Sewing Magic, and I fell in love with not only her practice of stitching daily but the work she creates. (Plus she is a self proclaimed Thread Goddess! My kind of artist!)

I recently joined her Facebook group, Stitch Meditations, and I kid you not – I nearly hyperventilated when I saw the work that is posted there. It’s an incredibly talented group! So much good work going on there and a place to totally nerd out over thread and needle. 

I tore through my incredibly messy studio and gathered up a bunch of stuff and parked myself on the sofa with Carter to start stitching. At first I thought I was going to just go with the flow and not stick to a set size but after only the few I’ve done, I like having them a uniform size. Mine are little – 4″x4″. But I love working small and the challenge of making a composition in such a limited space.

Fabric collage using cyanotype printed fabric I made last spring.

Fabric and paper collage. The hand is from my stash of paper ephemera, the orange circle is from a painting I did and cut up and the blue is indigo dyed fabric I made ages ago.

Fabric and paper collage. The fishy is a collage. The rest is bits and pieces of fabric from my hoard.

Fabric collage. I have a lot of odds and ends from other pieces I’ve made and I hoard every single one of them. Little pieces like this just reinforces that behavior (I expect to be on the show Hoarders at some point in my life) and I regret nothing.


I’m stitching nearly everyday although I don’t always finish one each day. I have them on my sidetable next to the couch and I pet them. I’m not sure how I will display them but I’m not worried about that right now. I just want to MAKE them and that’s more than enough for right now. 🙂


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Hand Sewing Magic is a reference guide with over 30 stitch instructions and variations + projects. The Hand Stitched Surface explores stitching on both fabric and paper.

6 thoughts on “hand stitching monday – stitch meditations

  1. Beth Schnellenberger says:

    Love seeing your little stitching collages. Your book is a really good one. I am enjoying it very much. I do (what I call) extreme embroidery where every bit of the background is covered. I find it very meditative.

  2. Annie Mackay says:

    I have your book, The Hand Stitched Surface, love it. I am also a member of stitch meditations and really like your pieces.

  3. Rachel Kopel says:

    I don’t know if I found you at Stitch Meditations or found Liz through you, but it all burst upon me at once and after some crazy prep time I did my first one yesterday. What a nurturing feeling. 💕. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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