One of the books that I made during the class I took with Dorothy Caldwell is for a new personal project. A point that really drove home for me during that week with her is that my love of hand stitching has been taking a back seat to my paint flinging. I love them equally but I don’t feel as if I’ve really made that obvious.

I’m also understanding deeper that hand stitching has a history that I feel quite privileged to be a part of. I’ve decided to bring it forward more in my artwork and make it the focus of some work rather than a supporting act that fades into the background.

I put together a simple book using the technique that Dorothy showed us and I’m calling it my Hand Stitched Diary.



Dorothy had a us do a free form stitch exercise and that’s really what made me decide to do this book. I gave that exercise a place of honor in the center of the book:


On the cover is a small experiment with stitching on a different material. I parked the needle there just to keep track of it but I like the way it looks, as part of the composition, so I’m going to leave it.

Initially I thought I would add pieces of stitched cloth to the book as a way to experiment with different stitch patterns. Kind of an academic study. And I may still do some of that but as I’ve been watching the news lately and wondering how in the hell to feel about so many things, I’ve decided it needs to have the space to be a much deeper project.

I’m going to include pieces of fabric that I’ve stitched in response to how I’m feeling – happy, sad, outraged, content. I’ll do a little writing beneath it. There is no agenda for a timeline, I will simply do this as I feel like it. It’s one of those things that cannot function under the constraints of a deadline.

Here is a new entry, the hand stitched piece is obscuring the writing beneath it. On purpose. There is a lot unpleasant going on right now and I want to hide it, I want it to be something that is in the past.