I’m happy to report that I am completely cancer free. I learned the news earlier this month and have been focusing on healing from my treatment since then. The chemo was worth it and I have no regrets but it definitely takes a toll. I finally had to concede to doing nothing (which is so against my nature) and just let myself be for some time.

During the downtime I made friends again with yarn. I’ve done some knitting in the past but I would often find it frustrating. Mostly because I’m pretty slow at it and I have trouble reading the stitches once they are done. Which makes finding and fixing mistakes nearly impossible. On the other hand, crochet clicks with my brain. 

I’ve discovered a treasure trove on Ravelry of crochet designs I’ve never knew could exist. (Seriously, as I’m working on different projects I have mad respect for the brains of the designers. They figure out some seriously complicated stuff!)

My current obsession is Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys. It’s a crochet along that she hosted in 2015 (I’m a little late to the party) and after it was done she assembled it into a book. I bought the book and now completely in love with everything about it. There are fourteen parts to the pattern and I just finished Part 4.


It’s such a treat to work on, every round is different and since I’m a color junkie, having a new color on each round is thrilling. It’s going to take me a long while to finish it but I’m enjoying every minute of it. It’s become my form of meditation.

With this year winding down, I’m thinking a lot about what I want to do in the new year. Teaching is big on Art Brain’s mind. I’m trying to book some local things. I just want to be with my art community and feel the beautiful creative energy that happens when you trap multiple artists in one space. It’s such a gift.

This year has been trying for sure. Having – and beating! – cancer was hard. Not only physically but emotionally as well. I’m surprised at my ability to stare the challenge down and do what needed to be done. Now I just want to enjoy life and I’m so grateful for all that I have. Onward! 🙂