I was kind of surprised when I was getting set up to this post and realized I never posted the collage I made in January. I showed an unfinished detail of it in a different post but it never made it here. I know why.

I’ve got a stack of 9″x12″ collage boards and I set the goal to make one collage per month all this year. Which is very doable because I work on it a little bit in the evenings when I’m relaxing. In January I was in a big funk about having had cancer last year. It’s lifted a bit but I’m still kind of stuck in that limbo between grieving and moving forward. But I think I’ll get there. Just takes time. 

I’ll post my February collage first. It’s called “Don’t Give Up”. A bit of encouragement for me and you and anyone else who might need a small boost.



And here’s the January one. It’s darker – literally and figuratively. It’s a visual representation of what cancer felt like to me. (I think that’s why I didn’t post it here. Was feeling squirrely last month.) It’s called “What Pain, My Beloved.”


I’ll be starting the March one this weekend. I’m open to theme suggestions if you have one! 🙂