Vivika Hansen DeNegre, the super creative wizard editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, sent me a little creative treat in the mail a couple of weeks ago. 

She put together mini stitching packs and with the hashtag #makesomethingawesome written on the packaging.

Ok! Challenge accepted!

The fabric was roughly the size of the stitch meditations I’ve been making so I decided to go with that size.

First I laid it out similar to how Vivika had it pinned together in the original package. I stitched a straight line from corner to corner to create an X to hold everything in place.

Then I snipped and rearranged and added some additional stitching to create a more organic feel.

This is the final result.

There is so much to be said for working small. It feels like a private conversation and the portability of it can’t be beat. 

As a follow up to my last post – thank you for the love and for sharing your personal experiences. I feel as if I’m inching a little bit closer to some closure. I decided last week to cut my hair into a pixie style. 

I have been letting it grow out, thinking I would let it get back to what it was prior to cancer and chemo. The truth is that hair after chemo isn’t the nicest texture. It’s a weird combination of frizz, curl and wiry. I realized I don’t have to put up with it so I cut all that crap off.

Now when I look in the mirror everyday I no longer have a constant visual reminder of chemo. I didn’t realize how much it was bugging me until they were gone. So one more thing let go. Healing continues! Love you all!

7 thoughts on “#makesomethingawesome

  1. Rosalyn Schultze says:

    Your tiny stitchery is awesome! And so are you–keep moving forward, hairdo or otherwise.

  2. Barbie Z says:

    Love your new project…it is inspiring to see what you created. The good news about post chemo hair is that the changes are usually short term and your hair is likely to return to its original texture. My sister had fine, straight hair before chemo and it grew back coarse and so curly it looked like a Brillo pad! It took about a year for the texture to change and the curl to soften and now her hair looks just like it did pre-chemo. You did the smart thing in cutting yours and keeping it short until the effects of the chemo wear off. 😁

  3. Vicki Keller says:

    Love the diagonal flow of the piecing in the challenge piece. And, “yaaay !” on the new haircut !! Please post a photo.

  4. Jaye Dodds says:

    I also received one of Vivika’s “Awesome” little kits” from her at the SAQA Conference in San Jose! I have not done anything with it yet, but you have inspired me to get it out and create something awesome with it! SAQA FB members only page is getting ready to launch a 100 days challenge July first and I may try something like this for my challenge entry Glad to hear things are going better!

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