new logo! help me choose…

I can’t really count how many times I’ve changed the logo for the studio. (Or the name for that matter…started as Fibra Artysta, then Smudged Textiles Studio and now Smudged Design Studio.) I’ve had several that I’ve liked but there’s always been something nagging me about it. Kind of like how I felt before I settled on Smudged Design Studio as the name. That title feels like home and now this logo feels the same way to me.

I have a few color options and thought it would be fun to have you help me choose which one to use. One of the things that cements this logo for me is that I can easily screen print it onto artwork. That’s been an issue with previous logos. I like the vintage/retro/somewhat hipster feel to it. Feels homey and comfortable. 🙂

So let me know what you think – which one is your favorite color?




37 thoughts on “new logo! help me choose…

  1. Jeannie says:

    I like the teal. It caught my attention. Hope you are feeling okay and following doctors orders. (I know, they sometimes suck).

  2. Jennifer says:

    The last two. The gray or the green-blue one. Those get my vote. I’m leaning heavily toward the green-blue one.

  3. Jan Canyon says:

    Teal / turquoise. If you are going to screenprint it onto art, I would use what looks best on the art!

  4. Sarah Ann Smith says:

    If the first one is deep indigo, yes! If black, nope. If charcoal, perhaps. Second choice a deeper version of the aqua. Aqua is one of my favorite colors but it’s a tad ubiquitous. I also really like the overlapping smudged circles at the top logo, the stitched line. Would love to see this worked into an alternate verse for the new logo.

  5. Rosalyn says:

    I think the teal coloration is the best one for your logo. I do like the grey, but it is too light.

  6. Rosalyn Schultze says:

    I think the teal coloration would be best or your logo. I do like the grey, but it is too light.

  7. Barbara Kelly says:

    I like the 2nd one. And I have a question…since the name is ‘Smudged Design Studio”, shouldn’t the logo include a paint or fingerprint smudge? 🤨

  8. Debbie says:

    I was going to say green, but I see most people are calling it teal! Anyway, that’s the one. I know you only asked about the color but, I think maybe you should use dashes instead of pluses between the different crafts. I like the fonts you’re using.

  9. Tawney Mazek says:

    Depends on backgrounds. I would like a slightly punchier teal, but there are backgrounds that it would just look awful against. A bit darker grey works with everything.

  10. Holly Krach says:

    I like that you want opinions .Teal is a favorite,looks good with many colors. Hope your healing is speedy.

  11. Libby williamson says:

    I love the logo!
    Well done. Depending on the background color that it is screen printed on, with the teal show up well enough? I absolutely love that one best. But it would need to be strong enough to read over a colored background.
    Maybe slightly darker teal or that one if it will cover and show up enough. I love it. You know me and teal, Always my favorite.

  12. Katie McGrath says:

    I actually like the one you have now the best. It has a lot of punch. And a smudgy yellow center. I don’t care for the font on the new ones. Well, you did ask!

  13. Carol says:

    I’m partial to the teal because the blues are my favorite color. Don’t like black and I think the grey is too light. Hope you are doing well – I find art is very healing so keep on keepin’ on.

  14. Audrey says:

    I like the orange brown one. It’s kind of neutral and doesn’t compete with your blog postings. It looks great!

  15. Sandy Kelly says:

    It is nice to get a look and feel that resonates with oneself. I scrolled up and down thru them a few times. The second one – org/brn and third one teal both stand out.
    I lean towards the second one, however both those colors work.

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