I’ve been working on a new little painting. This one is a 12″ square. I’m not sure if it’s finished but it’s definitely at a pausing point. I always photograph the progression of the process because I love watching it morph. I thought I’d share that here in case you might find it nifty too. ?

I only snapped one close up of the first layer:

I had mixed feelings about the second layer:

So I did a bold “edging” along the bottom and some more color blocking:

Enter the sharpie and some detail work and adding more color:

I feel like it’s finished. I’m letting it lurk on the side table but so far I’ve managed to walk by it a few times and not throw more paint on it so that usually means Art Brain is done with it.

The next painting is going to be much bigger. I want to stretch out a little bit and really go nuts. Not that this one is exactly restrained but hey, go big or go home. ?