There is a screen printing co-op called Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit and when I discovered it, I instantly wanted to  move in and live there. My friend Kate and I signed up for the basic screen printing class because I haven’t done anywhere near enough of the emulsion exposure to walk in there and be like “Yeah! Let me use all of your equipment!” (Plus they like you to take the basics classes to prove you’re not some weirdo destructive freak that’s going to burn the place down. Which is totally understandable.)

Here is what the shop looks like:


We all got a screen to work with (mine had a ghost image of a skull on it which made things interesting) and got to work. We applied the emulsion:

Then allowed them to dry:


This is my design for my screen printed on the transparency:


After the emulsion was dry, the transparency was placed against it and it got zapped by a super duper industrial exposure unit that was like a giant suction vacuum:


We took a power sprayer to the screens to wash out the emulsion and expose the design. We set them outside in the sun to dry completely before we started printing with them:

Then it was time to print! Woo! I chose to print on paper because I work on fabric so often. I got to make ten prints:



I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do with them. For right now I just pet them when I walk by them. I want to do more of this type of screen printing but I have to figure out how I could set up a small version of what’s in the print shop in my home studio. Or you know, buy a building and make that my studio. One can dream. ?

Hope you enjoyed the peek into their printing shop and if you are in the area, I highly recommend taking a class with them. It was a great time and you learn a lot in the one day class!