octopus stitchery – work in progress


I’ve been wanting to create some more mixed media stitcheries and there’s no time like the present, right? I started this as a doodle and intended to make it a solid satin stitch abstract thing. But then I was going through the mail and this groovy octopus was in the Trader Joe’s flier. It was instant love.

So I cut him out and stitched him down. He is surprisingly sturdy. I’m not done adding to it. I think I want to fill more in along the bottom and I’m thinking about adding beads. Just needs more STUFF. 

The base fabric is raw silk. And I love it an unreasonable amount. It stitches like a dream but more than that the texture is intoxicating. It’s definitely fun to cut loose and just let the stitching go where it wants to. Onward!

6 thoughts on “octopus stitchery – work in progress

    • Lynn Krawczyk says:

      It’s a kind of doily thing. I cut apart the circle from the rest of the lace because they are all I wanted to use. They seem to fit in! 🙂

  1. Pat says:

    Love raw silk also! I look for it at Good Will sometimes, along with 109% wool jackets to cut up. Raw silk harder to find! Where do you buy yours from? Love the piece!

  2. Vicki Keller says:

    I love your magical octopus ! They are such mysterious creatures. I’ve embroidered on cotton & linen, but will follow your suggestion and try raw silk. Great work……beautiful design & colors ! Please post a photo of the finished product.

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