So that there is what I did today in the studio. A free form fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants small quilt. It measures 36″ wide by 30″ high so far. It’ll get borders and pom-pom fringe (yes, you read that right) and it’s the perfect little quilt to put across my lap in the evenings when I just feel like I want to snuggle but I don’t want to be swallowed up by a big quilt. (I’m thinking Carter might claim it.)

The truth is, it is not what I intended to make for this project. I had a nicely designed repetitive quilt block pattern all designed up in EQ7. But I think how it ended up is way better. It feels so much more my style.

I’ve been quietly experimenting with piecing for a few months. I’ve used my sizzix, done a little curved piecing, tried making patterns, made a few wonky star blocks, found a new obsession in half square triangles – and up until today I’d done absolutely nothing with them. Just sort of put them in a pile.

I’m not wired to make the same block dozens of times . I just can’t do it. Although half square triangles often tempt me into it. I think it’s because I get two blocks from one go, it’s considerate that way. BUT I love pieced blocks. And I love piecing so I’ve been a little stumped with what in the heck to do.

Since I love chaotic compositions bursting with color and pattern, I’ve no idea why free form piecing didn’t occur to me sooner. My piecing experiments have been using INKED and we all know that’s not a shy line of fabric so it all just clicked together.

I chopped away at a larger piece that I had already put together. It was perfectly nice but I wanted more energy from it, cutting it apart and reassembling seemed reasonable. I’m not the most accurate piecer and I really just go with the flow. And you know what? I’m in love with the outcome.


I think I want to give this a twirl through the Sashiko machine and it’s definitely getting some hand stitching. I’m not sure what batting I want to use. I normally use felt but I want something much softer and with better drape since I’m going to use this little guy. I asked on Facebook what people like to use for batting and have some samples coming and I’ll make a choice then.

I chose the name “Playday” for it because that’s what today was for me – just a chance to sit down with my Babylock and sew and do what I love most – put together color and pattern. ?