pre-oder giveaway for “Hand Sewing Magic”!


Have you pre-ordered my new book, Hand Sewing Magic yet? If yes – hooray! If not, I have a little treat incentive. 🙂

If you pre-order by December 1, 2018 and send me proof of it, you will be entered into a drawing for these hand stitching goodies. These are some of my favorite tools. Included is:

  • Transdoodle transfer paper which is awesome for marking stitching patterns on fabric.
  • A handy zipper pouch featuring a photo from the book.
  • Scissors! (You can never have enough scissors.)
  • Butterfly needle threaders.
  • Binder clips which I love to use to hold projects together while I’m stitching.
  • Needles! (You can never have enough needles.)
  • A little pincushion to wear on your wrist.
  • A mini notebook for jotting down ideas.

So how do you provide proof of pre-order? Email me the receipt at You can blur out any details you don’t want me to see. All I need to make out is your name and the book. The receipt is for my eyes only and I’ll delete all the emails as soon as the giveaway is over. Anyone who has pre-ordered at any time is eligible for the giveaway.

The book is JAMMED packed with stitch instructions and some fun fabric stitching projects at all skill levels. I know you’ll love it! 🙂

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