It’s no secret that I’m a complete plant nerd. I belong to the Ann Arbor Orchid Society and this past weekend was their show and sale. I put one of my plants in the group display and am totally geeked to have won a 2nd place ribbon!

Last year was hard on me and also on my plants. I did the best I could with them but after the third round of chemo? It became obvious that I was going to loose part of my collection because I couldn’t keep up anymore. That red ribbon is especially triumphant because my Leptotes is one of the plants that made it through my neglect – and with flying colors!

I get a lot of comments along the lines of “how do I grow orchids?”. And I want to answer but it’s a huge topic and thought it might be fun if we did some Crazy Plant Lady Q&A posts. Leave a comment on this post with specific questions about growing orchids and I’ll work on a post to answer them. Sound good? Okay! Let’s hear those questions! 🙂