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I sell through Etsy. All of the listings from my shop there are displayed here for convenience. You can add all the products you want here on Smudged Design Studio and when you are ready to checkout, you will be re-directed to Etsy for payment.

If you would prefer to not order through Etsy, send me an email at to place your order.

Print Design Compose DVD

$19.95 USD
  • Dvd
  • Screen Printing
  • Soy Wax Batik
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Life is speeding by in the blink of an eye – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for art! Take a workshop with me from the comfort of your own sofa!

I filmed a 73 minute workshop with Interweave Press on the set of Quilting Arts DVD called “Print Design Compose.” I share with you three surface design techniques as well as my design process. It’s a great way to get your feet wet with easy surface design and a fun project!


1. Three surface design techniques: thermofax screen printing (of course!), soy wax batik and freezer paper stencils.

2. Effective ways to USE (not just admire) the fabric you create

3. How to design an abstract art quilt (I share with you the same process I use when I create all my pieces so that you can learn how to integrate it into your own working style, not just create a single project with me that you can’t repeat afterward).

4. Different finishing methods for displaying your work.


This workshop is also available In a downloadable format for all your tech toys!
Please visit Interweave’s site to purchase it as a download (sorry, I don’t offer that format in my shop):


1. Orders are filled and shipped once a week. Orders received by Wednesday will ship on

2. To learn more about thermofax screen printing, please check out the following resources:

** Lynn’s article in Quilting Arts magazine 10th Anniversary issue “Experiments with
Thermofax Printing" --

** Lynn’s article in Quilting Arts magazine Feb/March 2011 issue, “More Experiments with
Thermofax Printing --

** Lynn’s blog:
Shipping Costs
Ship ToCostWith another Item
United States 4.25 0.90
Canada 6.25 0.90
Everywhere Else 13.00 2.00
Policies PaymentI prefer paypal but will accept money orders as well. I'm sorry but I do not accept personal checks or cash.
Policies ShippingPLEASE NOTE MY FILLING / SHIPPING SCHEDULE: Orders will only be filled on Friday and shipped on Saturday. Orders placed by Wednesday will go out that week. This is due to my work schedule - thanks for understanding! 🙂

For U.S. customers:

Each listing has a shipping cost. Please note that since the screens are mailed in rigid flat mailers, they get package pricing for first class mail (their policy, not mine).

Anything that goes over 13oz automatically gets upgraded to priority mail shipping (again - their policy, not mine).

If you order a whole bunch of stuff and its going to get shipped all at once, then I'll figure out your shipping and your invoice will be adjusted accordingly. You get charged for mailing materials and actual shipping, there are no handling fees involved. So please be patient with me if I need to adjust your shipping costs to be sure that its fair to both of us.


For international customers:

I took my best guess at this one based on what is on the USPS site. Again, once your total amount of items have been purchased, I'll take a look at the actual weight and see if adjustments need to be made. I'm an honest gal so I won't charge you anything extra that doesn't need to be there and if I owe you money, you'll get that back too.
Policies RefundsThe only time I offer refunds on screens is if I've messed them up and since I'm pretty OCD about making sure it gets to you in excellent shape, the odds are super high that the mistake didn't happen on my end (which is not to say never and I'm good about admitting it).

Bear in mind that I duct tape the edges of the screens by hand and while I am very careful to make sure it looks as nice as humanly possible (note the "humanly" part), they may not be perfectly straight. This is not a defect, it does not effect the screen so its not grounds for a refund.

I will also pack the heck out of your screen so I've made every effort I can to get it to you safely. As much as I would like to, I can't give refunds if the post office gets overly frisky and damages the package.

HOWEVER, I want you to be totally happy with your purchase. If you are miserable and weeping and gnashing your teeth over the whole bit, convo me so we can talk things over. 🙂

The ready-to-print screens sold through the shop are for your personal use only. If you want to screen print items to sell, a custom screen with your own artwork is the perfect way to go and I'm happy to help you with that! 🙂

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