spring cleaning the studio – again. (AGAIN)

I’m pretty sure I could be a millionaire if I had a dollar for every time I’ve rearranged my studio and had to organize and dig out the mess and…*sigh*. As much grief as that room gives me, I would not give it up for anything. 

This time around, the mess really skyrocketed when I put my grow stands for my plants in there. It was necessary so I could convert my bedroom into a super peaceful recovery space while I was going through chemo but it created a mess in my studio that amazes even me. (And that’s really saying something.)

I’m working on a super Big Project and I know one thing – I can’t find a single thing I need in that heap. And instead of pulling my usual “I’ll just buy it again because I know I’ll use it when I find the original anyway” (which is why I have 3,499 pairs of scissors), I sat down with Art Brain and worked out a plan that won’t make us both weep with frustration.

Every Saturday and Sunday I will work in there for two hours each day. I focus on one single small section and we sort plant stuff from art stuff. Toss anything that is trash and rehome things that I don’t need or want anymore. We just started this plan today and I’m encouraged that the time limit is breaking it down to small bits as well as cutting me off when I start to get tired of dealing with it. Because once I hit that limit? I don’t make good decisions anymore.

This is where I’m at after today’s cleaning session.

That’s about all I’m willing to show right now. Around the corner is a heap. 

I have this thing about having plants on the top shelves of my grow stands. I’m short and it annoys me. Same with having them on shelves that are really low. Hurts my back to water and groom them. My plan is to have the plants on the middle shelves where it’s a snap to water them and then use the other shelves for art stuff storage.

Hoping that idea works because I don’t have the space in there for dedicated grow stands and dedicated supply stands. I’m also doing my best to not go wild buying organization storage thingies. I do love them so. 

I’ll post my progress as I go along. I don’t have a deadline in mind outside of I just want to get it done so I can get in there and work on my Big Project. Which is pretty motivating in and of itself.

How about you? Are you spring cleaning your studio? What’s your favorite organization method or tip?

Oh! And if you have tips for how to store a yarn stash, I’m all ears! Mine has gone free range and I need to wrangle them back under control.

5 thoughts on “spring cleaning the studio – again. (AGAIN)

  1. Debbie M says:

    If you can do it, there’s hope for me yet! My plan for the past several years has been to put everything in my studio in boxes and pile it up in other rooms. Then put it all back little by little, while sorting and, I guess, throw out what I don’t need, or give it away. It has yet to be done!

    As far as your yarn stash goes, a year ago I took the time to enter it all into Ravelry. Having it there and being able to sort it so many different ways, in order to find what I need, has made such a big difference. It does take time, though. But, once it’s done, adding new purchases is easy. I did not take or use photos and don’t find that I need it.

  2. Beth says:

    I don’t have any ideas about storage a yarn stash. Thankfully, that is one thing I haven’t started collecting, but I can TOTALLY relate to your cleaning dilemma. Since Nate has gotten sick (okay, and even before that), I haven’t put things away. I’’m like you, sometimes it is easier just to buy another one than it is to look for the one I KNOW I have. Right now, my biggest problem is that one has to go through my studio to get to the guest room. Both are downstairs, so it is usually out of sight—out of mind. We are having company (Nate’s friend is coming from up North to take him to his radiation treatments a couple of days) who will need the guest room. I HAVE to get the studio into “company-presentable” shape. 🤦‍♀️ Oh well, it needs to be done anyway. I plan on doing a little each day till company arrives. Wish me luck…and good luck on your cleaning!

  3. BRIDGET sMITH says:

    Good Luck. Is art brain a thing or is it your art brain? LOL I’m in the middle of *organizing and cleaning* my creative space, AGAIN too.

  4. Mary Jo says:

    I can so relate to your cleaning challenges. I have a sewing studio that is in good shape as I reorganized it a couple of months ago gave some fabric and books away, and now know where all my basic supplies live. I am also a great fan of my Brother P-Touch label maker. My wet studio is in a small casita in back of the house and it is a total wreck. My way of reorganizing is to move everything out of a section, pile it up, go through it and put it back what I don’t give away or donate. But I have way too much art and quilt “stuff” stuffed into my little art house. I do have a goal date for putting it back together, though. I set the date for a one-person, private workshop in early June. Having spent many years as a freelance writer and magazine editor, working to a deadline seems to be the best way for me to get a major project finished. BTW, I love all your plants. Succulents are my favorites.

  5. NM Creatrix says:

    Well, I have been letting go of excess in my life for 3 years now, but letting go of my art supplies is the hardest thing to do. I am moving in 3 weeks so I am forced to let some things go… and that is like giving away one of my children (maybe an exaggeration, maybe not??). I was going to have to downsize in a major way due to economic pressures, but that has been relieved, so now it is just sorting, tossing and packing. That I think that I can do.

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