surface design tip – squeeze bottles are your friends

I’ve been flinging paint for a long time. I can chatter on about it for hours if you ask me. I’ve accumulated a bunch of little tips and tricks over time and since I get a lot of the same questions a lot, I wanted to share some of my favorite surface design tips here on the blog. They aren’t earth shattering, they’re just the kind of small things that when you do them for the first time you think, “Why didn’t I do this sooner??”

Here’s one of my favorites – squeeze bottles.

plastic squeeze bottles


I use the 2 oz. size (just follow the link beneath the photo if you’d like to visit where I get them). It sounds silly but it took me a while to find ones that I like. Some of the first ones I got were really stiff and hurt my hand after only a short while of using them. Others had caps that did a poor job of sealing so the paint got weird on me. (Nobody likes weird paint.)

Those right up there? They’re the Goldilocks of squeeze bottles – just right. They’re soft so my hands don’t get peeved at me and the screw cap seals tight. Plus the little red caps give extra protection against enemy air.

They come in really handy for paint writing and direct drawing.

 Hands down one of my favorite paint flinging tools. ?

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