It’s that time of year again – time to change the fabric covering on my print table. I use Roc-Lon Multipurpose cloth on my print table. It’s essentially drapery lining but there are several things I like about it as a print table covering.

It’s heavy duty – which means I don’t have to treat it like a princess and can just toss whatever I want onto my print table. (Which is good considering the number of plants that now live in my studio and that my print table often doubles as a potting station.) It absorbs wet media like nobody’s business and dries relatively fast. Which is the main reason I love it – I can get a little messy sometimes.

Every year (usually at the beginning of January, I’m running late with it this year), I change the fabric. Over the course of twelve months, tons of layers of paint and color add up and create some really interesting things on it. Here is my 2015 print table fabric:

I’m not sure what that white piece in the middle is about. I apparently printed everywhere but there. Completely bizarre.

And just because I get the question often of what I use for my print table, here it is naked:

I use this fabric cutting table from Joann Fabrics. I like it because it has wheels so I can shove it around the studio when I want to. Plus it has sides that can be raised or lowered.

Here’s how my print table looks now:


This picture makes me want to throw paint at the table. (Can you blame me?)

It’s a strange changing of the guard type activity. Because while Art Brain has been active, I’ve felt quiet for a variety of reasons. This makes me want to get working again and that’s a very exciting feeling. I think some part of me was waiting for the switch over, it’s become symbolic. This is my third year with this ritual.

Everyone asks me what I’m going to do with the fabric. Truth is, I don’t know yet. So for now I just hoard it, rolled up in my paint closet and waiting for it’s time in the spotlight. It’s become a visual diary of what I’ve accomplished over the year and I love that the history of my projects is preserved that way.