* Please meet my writing desk friends. I have a weakness for cast iron chachkis. I’m pretty sure my peace sign fingers are giving my Day of the Dead writer bunny ears…

Hi. I’m Lynn. I’m an artist. And I’m also an introvert.

Which is something that a lot of people seem surprised by. After all, I tape TV segments and DVD workshops and teach classes. None of these things reek of being an introvert. But the honest truth of it is that while I can do all these things and enjoy them immensely, I also need tons of alone time.

There was a time when I would not have ever thought I could do all that I do. So what changed? I finally wanted to do something badly enough that I decided I needed to just find a way to deal with my instinct to spend all day in a blanket fort.

I see more and more artists raising their hands when this subject comes up. It makes me wonder if there is a correlation. For me, being an artist lets me be outgoing – I use my artwork to be boisterous and loud. I get to stand beside it quietly and let it do the work for me. I wonder if that’s how so many introverts turn to art.

Whatever the reason, it’s a form of expression that I don’t really have the nerve to make any other way. Might sound a little strange but I’m happy to let Art Brain be the loudmouth when my shyness kicks in.

What about you? Are you introverted or extroverted? Do you think your art helps you be more outgoing if you are part of the introvert camp?