What’s the saying? The only reliable things in life are taxes and death? I’d add this – you can also count on there being rough spots.

Now before you start to label me as a Debbie Downer, hear me out. The truth is, behind everything successful, it’s likely there has been a blip somewhere along the way. I hit a huge one in the past few weeks. And while I really don’t do the vague posting thing, I also believe in keeping certain elements of business private. So I’m going to. But I will discuss how it made me feel.

Stuck. Worried. Uncertain. Surprised.

I sort of hit the brakes and stood back and thought, “Well, I didn’t see that one coming.” I don’t believe in simply brushing off things that bother you. I know it is the gut reaction of some people to say, “Just let it go!” Nope. I think that if you need to stew for a few days, then you need to stew for a few days. It’s been my experience that if you let the blah feelings have their moment in the spotlight, they are easier to squash. (Trick is giving them a time limit so you don’t cross over into Wallowing Land.)

So I did. I stewed. I complained to friends. I wrote in my journal. I painted until my hands were caked up and dry with all manner of colors and brush strokes. I honored the upset and now that I’ve done that, I’m ready to move on.

Truth is, it’s a chance for me to wiggle around a bit and try some new stuff out in the creative department. It’s room that I might not have had if this rough spot hadn’t happened so in the end, it’s a good thing. Just didn’t feel that way when it smacked me upside the head (metaphorically speaking). While I’m faced with a wide open spot in my creative business that I didn’t realize I would need to be working to fill this year, I’m getting excited about the chance to keep on trucking.

How about you? How do you handle the rough spots? Do you kick them to the curb straight out of the gate or do you art therapy your way through them?