what’s inside my sewing box?

I remember as a kid always sneaking a look inside my mom’s sewing box. She had all kinds of odds and ends in there, all sewing related. It was some kind of mystery and I loved imagining what all the things did. What I didn’t love was that it was made out of wood and was one of those ones that opened like an accordion. That thing was a splinter monster just waiting to pounce.

Over the years I’ve tried to find a sewing box that suited me. I tried the ones from the craft store with the cute prints, a fishing tackle box and other random odds and ends. Nothing really suited. One day a couple of years ago I was poking around on etsy and I came across a listing for tupperware that described it as a “craft” box.

I fell in love – especially with the orange color! – and it’s been my constant companion ever since. While my actual studio often looks like drunk monkeys held a rave in the space, my sewing box is always neat. Just some weird quirk that I need it to be in order while I work.

I often set it in my lap while I work and use it as a support. It’s uber handy. Here’s what it looks like, it’s one main compartment with two trays that come out:


And here is each section with labels of what’s in there:



These are all items that I use on a regular basis. (I sort of have a thing for those binder clips in case you didn’t notice.) So far it’s helped to keepĀ  me same while stitching and it’s a little quirky retro thing that I love. (And it’s orange!)

Finding the right tools is kind of like dating, isn’t it? But once you get it right everything is dandy!

3 thoughts on “what’s inside my sewing box?

  1. Christine says:

    Is that a vintage tupperware box? I have two of the old orange lunch boxes… I use one for my knitting tools and one for my hand sewing… love them!

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