I asked the Facebook Hive a couple weeks ago if anyone is doing a daily or a weekly or a monthly art project for 2018. I find I always have the ambition to take on the world in January and it’s easy for me to over commit but I still can’t help myself. I’m always longing for the structure of a regular art making schedule. 

Kimberly Baxter Packwood mentioned that she is participating in Jeanne Oliver‘s Series 52 project. The idea behind it is simple – make 52 pieces of art this year. Jeanne talks about creating a body of work and that really struck a chord with me. Instead of random pieces of art, the narrowing of it to have a kind of purpose  that could be displayed in a show is something I love. So I decided to give it a go. It’s a free group to join via this Facebook group (click the picture to go to the group):


This translates to a weekly project but seeing as how I know Art Brain’s eyes are far bigger than her stomach?  I’m not going to stress about making a piece exactly once a week. Some weeks I’m likely to do more then one and others I’ll probably be lucky to remember my own name. No pressure in my world on this one.

I’ve been wanting to explore collages more. Not necessarily textile ones – although I can’t say that they won’t creep in and I’ve also joined a different project to satisfy the fiber geekery in me, more on that in another post – but paper and paint and drawing. I’m starting there and limiting them to a small size – 6″ wide x 4″ high. I have an image in my mind of 52 uniformly sized strange collages grouped on a wall and it makes Art Brain giddy with excitement.

Here is Collage #1:


I really enjoyed making it. Gives me a chance to just play while making something toward a bigger goal.

How about you? Are you doing a daily/weekly/monthly art challenge this year?