At the start of the year I enthusiastically joined a facebook group about making a piece of art every week so that at the end of 2018 you’d have a body of artwork – 52 pieces. Well, life took a different turn for me with the cancer diagnosis and I abandoned the idea almost immediately.

Lately I’ve realized how much I need my art making to keep myself centered and peaceful so I decided to take up the project again. My focus is on paper collage since it’s something I can do on the sofa. And the size is small – 4″x6″.  I sort of went on a binge over the past week. I’ve got a ton started and with the main theme laid out so I can obsessively add details when I feel up to it.

One of the main sources of my collage materials is from a stack of magazines from the 1960s. It’s interesting for me to read about how women lived then, much of the articles seem to exude pressures of perfection more than anything else. You’ll see that in some of the collages I’m working on. 

Below are six collages that I’m calling done. 🙂


#2 of 52 – “i don’t have my tupperware”


#3 of 52 – “slim your figure”


#4 of 52 – “side eye”


#5 of 52 – “marie”


#6 of 52 – “sewing nerd”