I can’t really count how many times I’ve changed the logo for the studio. (Or the name for that matter…started as Fibra Artysta, then Smudged Textiles Studio and now Smudged Design Studio.) I’ve had several that I’ve liked but there’s always been something nagging me about it. Kind of like how I felt before I settled on Smudged Design Studio as the name. That title feels like home and now this logo feels the same way to me.

I have a few color options and thought it would be fun to have you help me choose which one to use. One of the things that cements this logo for me is that I can easily screen print it onto artwork. That’s been an issue with previous logos. I like the vintage/retro/somewhat hipster feel to it. Feels homey and comfortable. 🙂

So let me know what you think – which one is your favorite color?